Submissions of Shakirul

NameSite ProfileTime of submissionProblemLanguageStatusPointsView/Download Code
2020-02-18 01:23:09Cow and HaybalesGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-18 01:20:00Cow and HaybalesGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-18 01:19:22Cow and HaybalesGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-18 01:07:46Cow and HaybalesGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-18 01:00:24Cow and HaybalesGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-15 19:32:12Air ConditionerGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-15 19:06:13Longest PalindromeGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-15 19:03:34Longest PalindromeGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-15 18:40:06Two RabbitsGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-14 06:19:42Ayoubs functionGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-14 06:15:21Ayoubs functionGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-14 05:53:31Ayoubs functionGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-14 05:45:11Ayoubs functionGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-14 05:11:43Three StringsGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-12 20:57:43National ProjectGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-12 20:54:26National ProjectGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-12 20:10:06Erasing ZeroesGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-09 21:33:12AerodynamicGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-09 21:30:07AerodynamicGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-09 21:20:11AerodynamicGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-09 21:18:30AerodynamicGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-09 21:13:32AerodynamicGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-09 20:36:59Anu Has a FunctionGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-09 19:54:20Assigning to ClassesGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-09 19:40:26Non-zeroGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-08 17:17:07Sum of MSLCMC++Time Limit Exceeded0
2020-02-08 01:11:57GCD TableGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-06 13:16:10Obtain The StringGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-05 03:39:42Fight with MonstersGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-05 03:36:34Fight with MonstersGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-05 03:34:39Fight with MonstersGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-05 03:19:17Fight with MonstersGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-04 22:49:49Fight with MonstersGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-04 21:30:30Yet Another Walking RobotGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-04 21:25:03Yet Another Walking RobotGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-04 21:13:49Yet Another Walking RobotGNU C++17Memory Limit Exceeded0
2020-02-04 20:22:22Food BuyingGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-04 20:12:12Array with Odd SumGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-04 02:28:08Square Earth?GNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-04 02:23:45Square Earth?GNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-03 23:46:31MUH and Cube WallsClang++17 DiagnosticsRuntime Error0
2020-02-03 23:44:22MUH and Cube WallsClang++17 DiagnosticsAccepted100
2020-02-03 23:12:02MUH and Cube WallsGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-03 23:06:30MUH and Cube WallsGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-03 22:38:10MUH and Cube WallsGNU C++17Runtime Error0
2020-02-02 21:34:29Array SharpeningGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-02 21:28:17Array SharpeningGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-02 21:14:25Array SharpeningGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-02 21:11:52Array SharpeningGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-02 20:58:05Array SharpeningGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-02 20:27:34Array SharpeningGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-02-02 20:11:46Even But Not EvenGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-02-02 20:06:53Even But Not EvenGNU C++17Time Limit Exceeded0
2020-02-02 20:06:22Even But Not EvenGNU C++17Time Limit Exceeded0
2020-02-02 20:05:42Even But Not EvenGNU C++17Time Limit Exceeded0
2020-02-02 20:02:04Even But Not EvenGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-01-29 21:27:54Infinite PrefixesGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-01-29 21:19:25Infinite PrefixesGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-01-29 21:16:54Infinite PrefixesGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-01-29 20:58:11Display The NumberGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-01-29 20:54:06Same GCDsGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-01-26 15:00:30Weather Observation Station 4-Accepted100
2020-01-26 14:55:45Weather Observation Station 3-Accepted100
2020-01-26 14:54:02Weather Observation Station 1-Accepted100
2020-01-26 14:52:55Japanese Cities Name-Accepted100
2020-01-26 14:52:13Japanese Cities Attributes-Accepted100
2020-01-26 14:51:17Select by ID-Accepted100
2020-01-26 14:50:09Select All-Accepted100
2020-01-26 14:49:39Revising the Select Query - 2-Accepted100
2020-01-26 14:48:43Revising the Select Query - 1-Accepted100
2020-01-25 14:07:29Kangaroo-Accepted100
2020-01-25 13:45:00Basics of Sets and Relations #7-Accepted100
2020-01-25 13:42:50Basics of Sets and Relations #6-Accepted100
2020-01-25 13:42:22Basics of Sets and Relations #5-Accepted100
2020-01-25 13:41:17Basics of Sets and Relations #4-Accepted100
2020-01-25 13:40:52Basics of Sets and Relations #3-Accepted100
2020-01-25 13:40:32Basics of Sets and Relations #2-Accepted100
2020-01-25 13:40:18Basics of Sets and Relations #1-Accepted100
2020-01-14 20:53:04Yet Another Meme ProblemGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-01-14 20:51:39Yet Another Meme ProblemGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-01-14 20:20:51DeadlineGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-01-12 19:45:03Fadi and LCMGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-01-12 19:32:34Just Eat It!GNU C++17Accepted100
2020-01-12 19:29:35Just Eat It!GNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-01-12 19:25:21Just Eat It!GNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-01-12 18:42:42Mezo Playing ZomaGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-01-05 20:32:38HypersetGNU C++17Accepted100
2020-01-05 20:32:00HypersetGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2020-01-05 19:43:08Angry StudentsGNU C++17Accepted100
2019-12-17 22:37:14Diverse MatrixGNU C++17Accepted100
2019-12-17 22:17:19Diverse MatrixGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2019-12-17 22:02:10Diverse MatrixGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2019-12-17 22:00:32Diverse MatrixGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2019-12-17 21:45:37Diverse MatrixGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2019-12-17 21:36:33Diverse MatrixGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2019-12-17 21:25:17Diverse MatrixGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2019-12-17 20:56:41Dice TowerGNU C++17Accepted100
2019-12-17 20:45:34Competitive ProgrammerGNU C++17Accepted100
2019-12-17 01:03:04Remove One ElementGNU C++17Wrong Answer0
2019-12-15 16:02:12Shawarma TentGNU C++17Accepted100