Stop stalking and start StopStalking

Understanding StopStalk

Make friends and code collectively

Stay motivated by seeing your friends competitive programming progress. Add friends to see their submissions on various Competitive Programming websites (currently Codeforces, Codechef, Spoj, HackerEarth, HackerRank, UVa, AtCoder and Timus).

Get notified!

Get notifications of your friends' Day Streak everyday not just from a single Competitive Programming website but from all the sites.

Add Custom Friends

What if your friend is not on StopStalk? - You should invite him / her or just add a Custom Friend to track their progress if you know there handles across various Competitive Programming websites.

Upcoming contests

List of contests on various Competitive programming websites and an option to add a reminder half-an-hour before the contest starts.

View/Copy/Download submissions

Filter out the submission that you need and directly View / Download / Copy submission directly from StopStalk.


A carefully crafted formula is used to compute StopStalk Rating and rank users on the basis of this rating. One rating cumulative of all the 6 Competitive Programming websites. This rating incorporates submissions per day and your rating changes everyday, which keeps you motivated to stay connected to Competitive Programming :)

Trending problems

What are the problems your friends are solving across these sites ? What are globally trending problems that other coders are solving ? We just got a list of such problems.

Tag Search

Why go only to a specific site and search problems with specific tags ? Search across such sites and see the number of submissions, accuracy, who solved them, tags, etc. Search any tag and get all the problems with that tag.


Accurately filter out submissions you are looking for across your friends or globally. The filters include user name, problem name, submission status, language of submission, submission site, start and end date.

User Profile

A unique and cumulative profile page across Competitive programming websites with overall accuracy, sitewise accuracy, streaks, contest rating graphs and calendar of submissions.