StopStalk can now be viewed in Russian :)

We have successfully added Russian Translations - change your browser default language in case you prefer Russian over English. A special thanks to Alisher Turubayev for the valuable contributions.

View your friends at one place

See a list of users who added you and also added by you on the Friends Page

Last updated on your Profile Page

We now show you when we last updated your profile (i.e retrieved your submissions) instead of leaving you anticipating ;)

Search problems by Profile Site name

The Problem tag search page now also allows you to specify the site leading to more fine results

UVa Online Judge added as a profile site

Now you can link your UVa account to StopStalk and get a more deedy StopStalk profile ;)

More Handle details on Profile Page

Now the Profile page shows if the user has invalid handles or the submissions are yet to be retrieved or the user haven't entered the handle. You may want to update the handle if you see a red chip in your Profile page ;)

Follower - Followed relationship among friends

No more waiting for friend requests to get accepted. Add friends directly by just a click. Existing friends are maintained as it is and the friend requests converted to one-way friendship.

Crowdsourcing problem tags from users

Suggest tags option added in each problem page (Look for a + button in the problem page). You can choose tags from a set of pre-defined tags. This data will be used in the recommendation engine coming soon ;)

Tabs instead of Switch in problem page

Materialized tabs added to view submissions in a categorized fashion.
My submissions | Friends' submissions | Global Submissions.

Sweet User Interface for tables

All the submission tables and the contest table now show the profile site logo instead of naively mentioning the name ;)

No separate friend request page

Friend requests page is now merged with the Notifications page so that user can view the day streak and pending friend requests in same page.

'Show tags' button instead of giving a Spoiler ;)

Problem page instead of displaying the problem tags directly includes a button only on-click of which the tags are displayed.

Mark contests whose reminder is already added

If you have added a reminder for a contest, then it will show a disabled button and hence save you from duplicating the reminders (Needless to say - You must have authorized StopStalk with Google)

Partially Solved Problems treated separately

Instead of treating a partially solved problem as solved problem, a separate submission status is specifically introduced. Note: Already retrieved submissions are not updated but all the new submissions will be marked appropriately.

Editorial Links added

Editorial Links added in the problem page. Note: This is only if the profile site actually has the editorial for that problem.

Opensearch for Chrome added

Directly search for users with Google Chrome's opensearch feature -

  • Open Chrome
  • Type stopstalk.com in URL bar (Don't press enter)
  • Press tab and type the user you want to search ;)

Solved and unsolved problems marked

All the problems which are solved are shown as green text and those that are attempted but not solved are shown as red text.

Localized timestamps

All the submission timestamps are shown in your local timezone (Browser timezone is used internally).

View / Download / Copy submission code

Directly View / Download / Copy submission code from StopStalk itself. Finding a particular submission can't be easier than the Filter page :)