Nice to know what others are doing - aniket3167


00:41, 17 December, 2017

I love it, how the user profile page looks. I can visualize my detailed performance at a single glance, over all the coding platforms. Great tool for all coders out there. Cheers to StopStalk. - recursedd


18:25, 23 November, 2017

Just yesterday a friend of mine told me about StopStalk and I am glad he did. It's much easier now to see the progress of people I know, which in turn makes it easier to ask for assistance when I need it. How convenient!

Great idea as well as execution, devs! - shikari1


19:41, 05 November, 2017

Official Codeforces blog post - https://goo.gl/jnxT8Y - raj454raj


00:13, 04 October, 2017

Official Codechef discuss post - https://goo.gl/t6bPWY - raj454raj


00:11, 04 October, 2017