• 1. What happens if I add a Custom User?

    Custom User is a way to view submissions of a friend. Note: Only you can see his/her submissions

  • 2. When can I update the submissions?

    You can explicitly update the submissions by clicking on the "Retrieve my submissions" button on profile page. Also, the submissions are automatically updated every morning with a few optimizations - exact process

  • 3. What if my friend is not on StopStalk?

    Best option is to ask him/her register on StopStalk and then add him/her as your friend. If not, then you can add a Custom User if you already know all the handles.

  • 4. How many Custom Users can I add?

    At present, the limit is set to 3 per user. We are working on it so that this limit is increased

  • 5. How is the StopStalk rating determined?

    StopStalk rating is determined by a very unique formula which takes care of number of solved problems, maximum streak, accuracy, per day changes and effort

  • 6. What are per day changes?

    Whenever user joins StopStalk, per day change is 0.0 and number of problems solved per day are computed. After every day this get modified depending on number of solutions submitted. Positive value says that you have benefitted after joining StopStalk

  • 7. Why can I see only some View buttons in the submissions table?

    The sites that which allow to view anybody's submissions publicly have a View button. At present Codechef, Codeforces (non-gym problems) and HackerEarth submissions can be viewed and downloaded.

  • 8. Can I view the StopStalk code?

    Yes, the code is completely open-sourced and it is on Github

  • 9. How should I refer to a friend?

    All you have to do is ask your friend to enter your StopStalk handle when asked for Referrer's StopStalk handle.

  • 10. Are there any benefits StopStalk provides for referring to a friend?

    Yes. You can increase the limit of number of custom users per user. At present 3 custom users are allowed on successful registration. On referring of 3 friends with your StopStalk handle you get 1 extra custom user.

  • 11. In what timezone are the submission time stamps shown?

    All the time stamps are shown in your local timezone (Browser Timezone)

  • 12. Why is my Institute not listed in the dropdown?

    We have limited number of Institutes at present. Just fill "Other" in the Institute field and just write an email to us ([email protected] or [email protected]) stating your institute name and we will update your institute.

  • 13. Will the stickers be shipped outside India?

    At present no, but we will keep your data in our database and try to send it as soon as possible

  • 14. I am not able to see any submissions, when I change any of my handles. Why?

    This is because we need to retrieve the submissions from the new handle (Just in case you have added or updated to a valid handle). This will also result in re-computing your StopStalk rating from scratch as we don't want to show fake increases in the ratings.

  • 15. Why is accuracy of every user on HackerRank is 100 ?

    HackerRank does not provide submissions of a user publicly. It only exposes a page that shows the solved problems, and hence there are only accepted submissions.

  • 16. Why are some of the problems I solved on Spoj are not visible in my profile page ?

    We have changed the retrieval process now. Please remove Spoj handle from your profile once and then again add it to get all the submissions from Spoj

  • 17. Are all my submissions retrieved from the sites supported from StopStalk ?

    No. Submissions older than 2013-01-01 00:00:00 IST are not retrieved on StopStalk.

  • 18. What if I register on a profile site after getting marked as invalid handle?

    We mark invalid handles after the StopStalk registration. These invalid handles are re-evaluated weekly to check if the user has registered on the profile site with the same handle and should be marked valid on StopStalk as well.

  • 19. Why is my account blacklisted?

    We blacklist accounts which seem suspicious in terms of StopStalk product usage or providing invalid handles. These can be re-enabled only on analyzing the genuine use-cases via Support.

  • 20. Why did my streak reset if I submitted a submission on that day?

    Streak is computed by solving/attempting a new problem every day. If there is only an accepted submission on an already solved problem then that day is not counted in streak computation.

  • 21. Why are some of the submissions skipped while fetching on StopStalk?

    If the submissions are made to a private contest and are not available on the profile page publicly, StopStalk cannot fetch them and are hence skipped.