Raj Patel (raj454raj)

Raj Patel is the Founder of StopStalk and has been working on it for more than 5 years now to provide as many features as possible for the Competitive Programmers out there.

After working in two product companies BrowserStack & Harness as a full time employee, delivering mission critical projects, leading teams and participating in various scaling initiatives to almost 3x the engineering team size, he is building a new product in the recruitment space - Reczee. The alumni of IIIT-Hyderabad, is keen on providing a platform for the users which would enhance their Competitive Programming by giving interesting insights on their progress along with learning collectively with friends.

Also, he is the only one handling all the aspects of StopStalk as of now - Development, Support, Promotions, Infra, etc., apart from some generous contributions on Github. Feel free to reach out on [email protected] for anything you want to discuss about StopStalk or anything else for that matter.